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"I've been to good shows, and I've been to great shows. I've been disappointed at shows and completely blown away at shows. But I can honestly say I've never been as shocked and awed by a band I'd never heard of as I was by The Kickback."
Ben Dahl - Lost in Concert, 2/17/12

"I knew almost nothing about The Kickback before the show, but I quickly fell in love. Live, The Kickback are like a younger, more reckless version of The Walkmen. There's energy being thrown at the audience non stop."
You Ain't No Picasso, 1/28/11

"...youngsters with swooning vocals, melodic hooks and reckless abandon."
Max Blau - Paste Magazine 

“...a dynamic, well-recorded, exquisitely arranged and very dramatic new disc called the "Great Self Love" EP...”
Jim DeRogatis - Chicago Sun-Times

"[the band] conjures the very best parts of the Veils and the Walkmen and the Killers, writing lean, nervy songs that snarl and snap...Guitarist Billy Yost has a marvelously agonized voice and he wrenches notes from his larynx, hurling himself against the songs’ propulsive rhythms."
J. Edward Keyes - Rolling Stone

"Tighter than a flea's undies, these three plow through every dynamic, from sweetly tuneful to apoplectic fury, buttressed by Billy Yost's apparent natural edginess (his stage banter was taut, nervous, like he was spoiling for a dust-up) and a vein in his neck that bulged whenever things got really good and really loud. It was almost like seeing David Garza at SXSW all those years ago."
Thomas Conner - Chicago Sun Times

“.... The Kickback call Chicago home now, but their roots stretch much further westward, into South Dakota. That Midwestern sensibility is evident in their music. The band employs a no frills approach; there’s nothing used to detract from the song itself. And as a result their new four-song EP, entitled Mea Culpa Mea Culpa, is a fantastic seventeen minutes of Walkmen-esque rock. I don’t know what mistakes the band has made to name their EP as such – and I don’t know what would make them feel like they need to admit it twice – but it’s certainly not evident on this release. The Kickback is gearing up for a venture to SXSW next month, with a few Midwestern dates lined up before then. Maybe they’ll start to get the recognition that such a solid release warrants.”
Andy - Tympanogram

“Every time I go to a music festival, I invariably run across a band about which I know little to nothing, maybe having heard a song or two and then after about two songs live, it's ‘wow, these guys are great.' For me at Lincoln Callng 2010, that band is The Kickback.”
L. Kent Wolgamott - Lincoln Journal Star

"The Chicago via South Dakota indie rockers stretch the musical gamut on most of their songs skipping seamlessly between straight up indie rock, alt-blues antics and big power-pop codas. But through all this genre-hopping, the Kickback’s the music oozes a rock elder statesmen sensibility."
Richard Giraldi - Loud Loop Press

"This band grabbed me right from the start. Their EP, Great Self Love, is a sweet little collection of four songs that evoke a bit of that Scottish sound (Glasvegas, We Were Promised Jetpacks, etc.) and map it right onto a solid Midwestern base."
Love Shake Baby

"The crowd collectively throws their arms in the air and yells, eager for their Dakotan-grown boys to start slinging decibels into their ears. This is the first time they’ve played in Sioux Falls since their New Years Eve show over six months ago, and The Kickback isn’t about to disappoint."
Rob Green - The Post

"...Great Self Love makes it apparent that The Kickback are a band with plenty of compelling ideas plus the talent to back them up." Windy City Rock "From the harried drum machine to the full-on sonic assault and frantic breathy vocals, [The] Kickback holds its own in the cranking rock department."
Chris MacDonald - IndieFeed

"The masterfully-layered song is highlighted by the antagonizing restraint of vocalist, Yost, who, along with old school keys, adds a tense under-wire that arches even the electronic chaos of the song’s robust climaxes and barren lows."
Sam Burrish - Sioux City Journal

“The following five tracks of this EP brought a wealth of notes to my scratch pad: “drums pushing an anxious attention”, “intuitive dynamics”, and “actually intelligent smart-pop harmonies” are a few of the most notable ones.”
Sianet Radio

"They're South Dakota's best live rock band and I'll throw rocks at you if you don't agree."
John Hult - Argus Leader